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Latest Pathani Dress Design For Womens

Women’s wear attractive designer clothes more competent in wearing the designer wear. On some special occasion like Enid both men and women likes to wear the most special designer clothes or suits. Pakhtoon as Patan is very brave people, most of them living in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, they also distributed in Iran and some other countries, this is a very hard working and honest country, which will do anything the elders, total we respect their traditions.

For Women’s on extraordinary occasions like Eid its quiet not easy to make a conclusion of what to wear. given that so many things are thinking out for this special day like style of cloth, color, difference and use of needlework. So Women’s always think of best to wear on the occasion of Eid and they want a good designer wear for Eid. There are a large number of designer wear for Women on hand in the market so it’s really a touch job to select one of them for Eid.

Pakhoon most basic needs of life where life, such as television, electricity, Internet and other luxury goods is difficult to find the mountains, which is why there has not updated fashion and the latest fashion trends. Beside reasons and one in their lives in the new fashion is not a major factor because the weather is cold Piao falls which makes snow and cold of the mountains and the surrounding areas of these areas covering 10 month of the year.


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