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10 Best Fashion Jewelry Stores

You do not need diamonds and precious stones for a great jewelry wardrobe - although they certainly will be good. The good news is, there are plenty of affordable jewelry alternatives in fashion design and fashion statement works everywhere. Here are some great online jewelry retailers, who not only looking for interesting and beautiful jewelry easy, but also give your wallet a break.

1. Baublebar

                  Baublebar prides itself on providing guilt free price is fashion jewelry. Huge selection of diverse and affordable stock (want necklace priced at $ 20 for - $ 40 range) is continually updated, make this site a great find for the gift or expand their collections. While this is generally cheaper to skip the real stone, it's significant that most of the jewelry always looks a lot more expensive than it is. And do not forget, there is free shipping on all orders, help you save. The site also features a "guest bartender" section, where fashion experts have their best pick. In addition to sales of some well-stocked, the monthly trading, a great wedding festival full of dazzling fake article to improve the site.

2. Dasha Boutique

                          Dasha Boutique is beautifully handcrafted gemstone jewelry San Francisco-based online treasure. The site has been heralded in the major fashion shops, in addition to pulling some of the celebrities. However, you might think that stones and high fashion means that it will cost a lot of money - think again. In addition to many of the usual sales Dasha, where projects can run for more than 30%, they keep most of their collections very affordable high-quality gems such debris, and at $ 50 a large selection of items. All orders arrive, beautifully packaged, and anything can follow a simple online guide can be customized to your liking. A few years ago, I customized a pair of gorgeous fall very affordable moonstone earrings, my own wedding, and Dasha have been purchased so far.

3. Girl Props

                   A young and free-spirited site of some of the cheapest jewelry around, the girl props provided over 4000 for girls of all ages whimsical jewelry and accessories items. Although the choice of materials is not necessarily the same quality found elsewhere these handmade, artisan pieces, pendant necklace imitation gold bracelet $ 3.99 to $ 2.99 collection and a group of 18 pairs of earrings for $ 9.99 and make this an interesting site flooded as adults. Free shipping on orders over $ 10 US to make this site more is a no-brainer cute jewelry and accessories tolerance.

4. Satya Jewelry

                             Satya jewelry online website, which is what this beautiful store based in New York offered a fantastic performance. Satya combination of semi-precious stones and sacred symbols to a truly unique and adorable works with significance. Although they carry some high-priced works price of hundreds of dollars, the site has a large selection of items at $ 100 and $ 50 or less, and even a good collection. Sell ​​part is a great find, as well as with the project marked a 50% discount, which means that you can score an amazing piece for the regular $ 35. While leveraging Satya sample sales and other promotional activities, if you sign up for e-mail alerts. The company also launched the Satya Foundation, to raise funds for children's groups around the world.

5. Lydell NYC

                      Lydell New features in a well-organized site some great, affordable costume jewelry. Earrings can run as low as $ 15, and a decent selection of necklaces and bracelets can easily be in the $ 30- $ 40 range found. The site provides an easy way to search by genre, collect items, or in the press to see, making it easier to find a unique bracelet or find a pair of recent "lucky" or characteristic Earrings "Real Simple." And do not forget to check out the sale section, where projects tend to be cut by more than 50%. Lydell also offers free shipping on orders over $ 50 and 30-day return policy.

6. Bluefly

              You may have shopped in purchasing brand-name discount retailer - before some great designer clothing deals, but they have a great jewelry department as well. The site has been able to easily search for a more affordable piece of fashion jewelry section, but they also sell discounted fines, heritage, and diamond jewelry at a higher price. Adhere to fashion jewelry, you can make out all kinds of designer name and style in a huge discount search. Regular sales has reduced the fragmentation and final sale items can save you a bundle easily landed a nice piece of jewelry, the price of US $ 30 or less.

7. Danielle Stevens Jewelry

                                         Danielle Stevens Jewelry, which is also published in fashion magazines and worn by celebrities, there is a great online store, you can buy some stylish, affordable costume jewelry, it looks very luxurious. In addition, a generous decent price point online service, the site has great promotional events throughout the year, including some items for sale; you can save more than 50%. Custom engraving, a great portion of sales, and with the price at $ 20 charities section, making it a great place to find some of the not-so-hidden gem. Project also reached a very cool signature jewelry bag.

8. Le Mode Accessories

                                    Music accessories worn affordable jewelry, all the current trends of the eyes. In the scene of many fashion necklace can be less than $ 30 is found, and stylish earrings almost all prices below $ 20 they also offer some cool handbags, scarves, belts and at a very affordable price. Style arrays, from boho chic, modern appearance can be on the site, which makes it easy to find something great to meet almost anyone's taste found. 

9. by boe 

                New York-based jewelry collection, by the BOE, Swedish jewelry designer form has gained popularity, its unique architectural style and eye-catching design. In the BOE has many high-end brands, the $ 50 beautiful items, and the site of Inez run at a higher price the brand for the use of the old Czech glass stone project. You can share your e-mail and receive 10% off your first order and free shipping on orders over $ 75. The company also donated your purchase, 5% by women for women, charities, and help women survivors of war.

10. Etsy

           Without good jewelry search would be complete without a mention are the Etsy is a resource. Needless to say, Etsy is a great place for all kinds of handmade and vintage jewelry. Given that they have designated a separate jewelry an entire class; extensive search by selecting can be overwhelming. The key is to describe or artisans to narrow your search as much as possible, and make sure that search within the price range that you specify, to find a class of affordable, piece. 

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