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Disney's movie "Mars Needs Moms" resulted in an estimated loss of $130,503,621 and is Disney's worst received movie ever.

Mars needs mothers is a 2011 American 3-D movement seize computer-lively technology-fiction comedy movie primarily based at the Berkeley Breathed ebook of the same call. The movie is centered on Milo, a nine-12 months-antique boy who eventually involves recognize the importance of family, and has to rescue his mother after she is kidnapped thru Martians. It changed into co-written and directed with the useful resource of Simon Wells. It have become launched to theaters on March eleven, 2011 via using Walt Disney snap shots. The film stars every Seth green (motion capture) and newcomer Seth Dusky (voice) as Milo. This have become the last movie by the usage of ImageMovers digital earlier than it modified into absorbed lower back into ImageMovers. The movie grossed $39 million international on a $a hundred and fifty million finances.

Unbeknownst to humans, there's a thriving, technologically trendy society of Martians residing below the floor of Mars. The Martians supervisor (Mindy Sterling), whilst looking at Earth, sees a mother (Joan Cusack) persuading her son, Milo (motion through Seth green, voice thru Seth Dusky), to do his chores. The Martians decide to deliver her to Mars, in which her "momness" might be extracted and implanted into the subsequent era of nannybots. In the meantime, Milo, who could now not like following the house rules and doing chores, tells his mother in anger that his existence might be better with out her, breaking her coronary coronary heart.

Later that night, Milo is going to apologise, however discovers his mother is being abducted. He runs after her, however they turn out to be in separate elements of the Martian spaceship. On Mars, Milo is taken to an underground cellular. He escapes and is chased by Martian guards, but he follows a voice that tells him to jump down a chute, and lands in a decrease subterranean degree. There, he sees a trash-protected landscape that is inhabited thru hairy creatures.

Milo is whisked away thru the creatures to satisfy Gribble, a.Ok.A. George Ribble (Dan Fogler), the childlike adult human who had advised him to leap down the chute. Gribble explains to Milo that the Martians plan to extract Milo's mom's reminiscences at sunrise, the usage of a technique as a way to kill her. Gribble, who is lonely and does no longer need Milo to depart, pretends to help Milo rescue his mother, however his plan goes awry foremost to Gribble being captured and Milo being pursued through Martian guards.

Milo is rescued by using Ki (Elisabeth Harnois), one of the supervisions who will increase Martian babies. Milo tells her approximately his search for his mom and what a human courting with a mother is like, as Ki and her kin had been mentored by satisfactory nannybots and supervisors and do not understand of affection.

Milo returns to Gribble's home but reveals him missing. Gribble's robot spider, -Cat (Dee Bradley Baker), takes Milo to the Martian compound wherein Gribble is being prepared for execution. Milo is captured with the aid of the guards, but Ki tosses him a laser gun, allowing him to interrupt out.

Milo and Gribble retreat to a good decrease uninhabited degree, wherein, Gribble explains his mother's abduction and homicide by means of way of the Martians 25 years earlier. Gribble blames himself for her being decided on, and regrets that he hadn't been capable of keep her. Milo convinces Gribble to honestly assist him simply as Ki unearths them. They find out an historical mural of a Martian circle of relatives and understand that Martian children had been no longer usually raised by using machines. Gribble explains that Martian female infants are presently raised via nannybots within the technologically advanced society, at the same time as the male infants are sent down under to be raised via adult male Martians, which might be the bushy creatures he encountered in advance.
Milo, Gribble, and Ki keep Milo's mom simply in advance than dawn, inflicting the strength of the extraction tool to brief out the electronic locks to the manage room. This we should the adult adult males and babies enter, wherein they run amok, attacking the guards and robots.

Milo and his mom thieve oxygen helmets and try and get away for the duration of the Martian floor, but the supervisor causes Milo to journey and his helmet shatters. His mother gives him her personal helmet, saving Milo but sacrificing herself. The Martians are awed, as that is the primary time they've seen love.

Gribble unearths his personal mother's helmet, and offers it Milo's mom, saving her. Ki brings a supply for them to get away in, but the supervisor intervenes. Ki argues that Martians have been intended to be raised in families, with love, but the supervisor insists that the cutting-edge scenario is higher, due to the truth it's miles extra green. The guards determine to arrest the supervisor because they opt for the loving vision of family-life. The opportunity Martians have fun.

Milo, his mom, Gribble, Ki, and two-Cat tour to Earth. Gribble makes a choice not to live, because of the reality he wants to pursue a courting with Ki on Mars. Milo and his mom return to their residence just before Milo's Dad (Tom Everett Scott) comes domestic.

Elisabeth Harnois as Ki
Mindy Sterling as the manager
Joan Cusack as mom
Seth green as Milo (movement capture)
Seth Dusky as Milo (voice)[5]
Tom Everett Scott as Milo's father
Dee Bradley Baker as -Cat
Dan Fogler as George "Gribble" Ribble
Kevin Cahoon as Wingnut
Ryan, Robert and Raymond Ochoa and Gavin Bryson Thompson as Martian Hatchlings
Liam and Edgar Wells as robot Martians

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