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Kitten and Dog Love

i have to induce one thing out of the means before we have a tendency to go any further: I’m a dog person. i'd check out cats uptake bananas or stuffing themselves into small boxes on the net, however i favor the thought of cats quite the presence of them. And yet, Tom Cox’s “Close Encounters of the hirsute Kind” is herbaceous plant even for a pup person like Maine.

First, we have a tendency to each fancy dangerous puns, and there square measure masses within the book that stretch on the far side the title. however a lot of significantly, Cox contains a gift for capturing the globe through the lens of his pets. With 3 previous memoirs concerning his relationship together with his cats underneath his belt, Cox has become a form of skilled in writing silly however charming dispatches that integrate the narratives of his pets together with his own (with photos throughout, of course).

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