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Try counting sheep," they said. "It'll help you fall asleep," they said.

I like antique words. Antique Anglo Saxon and Celtic area names are scattered throughout the downs and in addition afield. Antique words continue to exist in communication. One such phrase is wether which means that sheep. Sheep have grazed on the downs due to the fact the Iron Age. Pubs inside the location have names similar to the Wool %, The Lamb, The Shoulder of Mutton, The Shears. There may be a ground made from sheep’s knuckle bones on the Stiles almshouses in Wantage.
Sarsen stones lie about in the fields. The ones huge stones are called grey wethers.
While sheep and sarsens occupy the identical situation it may be difficult to tell wethers from gray wethers on the start look. It's far even greater hard in mist or at night time time.
There are all varieties of humans stories primarily based on this confusion. One story of the gray Wethers on Dartmoor describes how a shepherd emerge as tricked into searching for a stone flock. In a few other story a shepherd and his sheep have been have come to be to stone with the resource of the usage of the god Hu. There are also stories of people being have grow to be stone, as an example the Merry Maidens in Cornwall, the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire. All in all there’s a certain uneasiness approximately sheep and stones.

I used to be speakme this over with one of the family. He described a go to to the Piper Stones in Wicklow. Regular with legend this stone circle is meant to be a piper and dancers, petrified for violating the sabbath. The go to modified into at night time time, normally atmospheric. He had trouble finding the stones due to the fact the night time became misty. In the long run he noticed a stone in a region at the right vicinity. He went in the direction of it. To his horror the stone moved. He stood firm (i might have fled at this factor). He subsequently realised that the ‘stone’ turn out to be a cow, the actual stones were close by.

However the legends i actually like to walk at the Ridgeway inside the midnight and at night time time. Sunsets are first-rate and the night time time sky is a marvel. On one stroll in recent times we started to experience that there was someone or some element close by. There has been a peculiar scuffling noise in the darkness. We appeared in the again of and there they were. Zombie Sheep. We ran.

If at night time you cannot sleep,
be cautious, be careful the Zombie Sheep,
They’ll eat your flesh,
They’ll crunch your bones
And turn you into zombie clones,
Or stones………….

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